Good morning everyone. 

First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have ordered. You made my heart full and happy!!!

Second, I have PLANS. I'm waiting for my supplier to get my sock weight back in stock. I've been waiting for a few weeks now. 

In the mean time I thought I would share plans I have with you all. I'm going to dye up some mini sets with the boys' mic colors! Both sparkle and non sparkle will be available. I'm also planning on doing some sock kits. 

New color photo inspirations:


Taehyung's and Jin's will be challenges for me. I'm not good with oranges. But... BRING IT ON.

I also have some new League of Legends colors planned. Once my yarn order gets in I will start adding those to the store as well.


Stay tuned :)


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  • So happy for you :) I’m so excited for the league yarn!!!!!! Time to start practicing crochet again!!!!!!!!


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