Life updates

Hello fellow yarnies. 

Just popping a quick blog post to update you all on my insane life. 

After having my second daughter in May 2022, life has been... insane. My now 6yo started at a new school, which is community/parent run, so I've been involved in that. I started working part time at a local yarn store, which has been amazing. I've been teaching classes and making connections with crafters, and, most importantly, getting some adult time being someone other that "mom". My youngest has had a lot of "things". She needed a helmet, which made her look like a baby Magneto. Then she has pretty severe gross motor delays. She's almost 21 months old and still doesn't walk. She's getting there though. We found a nanny for her, which has been a God send. I'm so so so thankful for her, and she's amazing with the girls.

Overall, it's been busy. Very busy. My husband says that we live our daily lives with very little wiggle room. It's stressful. But things are starting to finally even out, and I feel like I have some breathing room now. 

To keep up to date on the goings on at Waifu HQ, please follow me on Instagram. I will be out of town for a week in February.

I have loved the small, yet meaningful support that my Monthly Club has had. I hope that it will grow with time, and I already have March planned. One of my favorite animated movies will be the inspiration.

Thinking of adding an animated film collection. Mostly Disney and Pixar, but also thinking about Ghibli movies, since those are near and dear to my heart. I grew up on Totoro, and so have my girls so far. 

I hope everyone has been well. 


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